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Whether you’re chatting one-on-one with a client or customer, discussing a project in a small group, or blasting a memo to your entire team – Velo means business.

With user-friendly applets to maximize productivity, Velo is faster, sleeker, and more collaborative than email.

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Get closer to your crew.

Harness your HUSTLE

Never lose a file again

The days of digging through your email for documents are over! Just tap on Binky to access your tray, where he has neatly stored your media and files.

Stay on top of tasks

Ditch the planner and track your to-dos with interactive checklists, event reminders, and customizable countdowns.

Get real-time results

Use polls to easily collect feedback, votes, lunch orders, or whatever other answers your heart desires!

Work hard, play hard

Let your personality shine through your messages with emotes, GIFs, and emoji reactions.


On the go? No problem. Velo offers a seamless experience on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Chrome desktop – so you’ll always be connected.

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Cross platform app

Fun Fact:

When rabbits are joyful, they spontaneously jump and twist. That happy leap is called a binky – which, coincidentally, is our logo’s name. (Binky thinks you’ll be jumping for joy soon, too.)

“My clients love working with us on Velo! Now we’re one big team.”

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Mobile messaging rocks a strong 98% open rate (vs 22% for email).
Approximately 85% of life success is the result of communication skills.
97% of employees say lack of team alignment hurts a project's outcome.
65% of self-employed workers depend on technology for operations and project management; 50% for personal assistance and scheduling.
86% of workers blame failures on poor collaboration and communication.
26% of employees say emails distract from their productivity.

Meanwhile, Velo is FREE and allows you to communicate with up to 250 people at a time.

“Velo is like a jetpack for my business.”

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Velo makes it easy to stay on the same page with your clients and team.

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Chat privately or create groups for teams, special projects, and group discussions.
Send and receive files via Apple iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
Access live applets and shared files with a single tap.
Gather responses with custom polls (and easily send reminders to stragglers).
Manage your to-dos with collaborative checklists.
Create countdowns to remember deadlines or special events.
Schedule events and add them to your calendar.
Keep score of matches between people or teams.
Express yourself with GIFs, emotes, and emoji reactions.
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Communicate more.

Velo is on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Chrome Desktop. For tips on getting the most out of your Velo experience, visit our blog.

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