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Velo is messaging for business. Use it with your clients, customers and team.

More ideas. Faster results. No politics. Happy loyal clients. Productive teams.

Velo: it will change your life.

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Velo in Action

Make clients happy!

Velo brings you closer to your clients. They’ll be happier and give you more business. (You can thank us later.)

Run your crew.

Create Velo groups for your staff and managers. Now you have everyone organized all day long.

Add your partners.

Move your designers, freelancers, contractors and mentors into Velo groups. Everyone will be on Team You.

Velo loves projects.

Create groups for specific projects. Board meetings, projects, onboarding, trips: Velo does it all.


Velo runs on iPhone, iPad, Android and Chrome desktop.

Cross platform app
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GET IT DONE in Velo groups.

Use Velo for your staff talk. For client conversations. To prep for big events. Velo gets all your people in the right place, working together.

“My clients love working with us on Velo! Now we’re one big team.”

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Gets you into Media, Files and Applets.

SHARE Excel, Word, PDFs & more!

Use Velo with Apple iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox. Uploads and downloads are just a few taps away. Velo means business.*

Google Drive
Apple iCloud
Apple iCloud
Velo screenshot
Velo screenshot

CHECKLISTS just one tap away!

People love our checklists. Everyone can add and complete items. Perfect for projects. And for grocery runs, office supplies, pet store visits and more.

“Velo is like a jetpack for my business.”

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ONE TAP shows it all!

Tap any Event post and it opens up. Add it to your calendar. You’ll wonder how your team messaged without it.

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Try Velo for iPhone or Android. For tips on using Velo, visit The Velo Blog.

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